Items quality grades

Good day to everyone.

I think it would be cool (and maybe not too hard to implement) if we could differentiate items into quality grades. I mean you could find some cheap no-name sneakers or top-notch hi-tech Asics/Adidas/Nike sneakers to really boost your running experience. It might be a simple steel bike without any good parts or ‘Specialized Carbon Zzupah Gravel Bike with hidraulic brakes lots-o-gears’ and so on.

Items grade could be marked ad (for example):
-sneakers- for low quality items
knife for standard item
** bike ** for really good and ones.

Items with above or below standard quality could give a buff/debuff for their characteristics.

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I thought about something similar, too. Since there are e.g myriads of different candy or soup brands. This would also be a good opportunity for more ingame lore (mostly on flyers and posters) and more hilarious company names. “Try the new fat-reduced Barn Homestead™ Milk®”

This will probably be a pretty big and tedious change, but it will bring more variety and breathe more life into the world.

Not too bad, depending on objectives.