Invalid Material: Bone

EDIT: This is on version 0.6, I.E. Samedi, the stable release.

Caused by pressing the eat (E) button while having an item with this material in your inventory, wielding the item in question seems to prevent it.

Causes crash to desktop.

In my case, my (crafted, if it’s relevant) reflex-recurve bow would cause a crash every time I hit E to bring up the consumables list. If it is wielded, the crash does not occur. The character also had the Internal Furnace bionic, which may be relevant.

This has been mentioned in another bug thread, it’s already been reported, and I asked in the other thread if it’s in the experimental yet. I’d love to use the bow but I don’t want to crash :frowning:

Should be fixed, I believe.

Yeah that was fixed about a day after the problem showed up, should be fixed now.