IcedPee's In-Progress Cataclysm DDA Guide! (Newly Updated and Extra-Chunky!)

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Here is a bit of information that is hard to come by unless you go looking for it :

When sleeping, any clothing on the tile you are sleeping on will be used for warmth. The best way to keep warm at night would be to throw blankets on a pile, and sleep on that. You can’t get too warm.

Clothing material makes a difference in wind resistance, and leather pretty much stops 90% of wind.

The number in the ()s in the warmth menus is current temperature, whereas the color is where the temps will land. If you’re seeing -50 in red instead of blue, it’s because you are currently cold but standing in a fire.

Being “warm” or “chilly” isn’t a big deal; “hot” and “cold” is when penalties start to happen.

There are a lot of minor things that interact with body temperature, like current hp, wetness, mutations, weather, and a few more. There is a debug item “pocket meteorologist” that reads temperatures in case you think you’re experiencing bugs.