I18n broken in #1061?

0.a #1007 support chinese mo well as 0.9.

but from #1035, if there is chinese mo in [lang],CDDA will display error :

DEBUG: invaild input to string format function!

and show the title mess .

That shouldn’t happen (anymore). When is error displayed? I tried the locale zh_TW and zh_CN there was no error on the starting screen. Maybe I tried the wrong locale?

the error appear before the title shows,every time i move arrow key ,it appears again and again.

what is your version (git number) ? Can you show me your FONTDATA contents and the file list in font directory

thx a lot!

I have tested version 0.A-393-g9fd5285 without problems. But I remember I had that debug message in a previous build. It was related to the changes of the various string formatting functions. But it’ gone now.

Does it still happen? If so: does it happen in any other locale setting?