I seem to not be able to move furniture

I stand on top of a piece of furniture and tell where I want it moved. Nothing.

I stand next to it and say where I want it moved. Nothing.

I stand next to it and select the furniture I want moved. Nothing.

how do furniture moving? I’m setting up shop in a Mine, and I’d rather push all of the cabinets, dressers, desks, beds, etc. into the room I’ll be staying in instead of destroying them and rebuilding them, thereby losing materials. I would just deconstruct them, but I haven’t found the appropriate equipment yet.

I think you can only move racks and stuff that has the obstacle tag, in other words, stop you from hopping over them. Things like store racks, lockers, and shelves work as a great window stuffer.

I can’t move lockers or display cases (or other similar things) either. Am I just doing it wrong?

Here’s the step by step just encase.

  1. Stand next to the thing you wish to move.
  2. Press (*) for construction and (f) for move furniture
    2.5) This will highlight anything next to you that you can move. If it’s not highlighted it doesn’t move.
  3. Select the thing to move.
  4. Select the direction to move it.
    Note) Lockers/fridges move items in them with them. I don’t know if shelves do as well.

Good luck with your redecorating.

Moving some furniture outside may make more floor magically.

On an extra note, movable objects that stop movement seems to stop scent as well in a way that window can’t stop it.

It is a great way to chain burn several houses as well as create a wall of fire without the use of copious amounts of gasoline. Need some time to prepare it though.

The wall of fire is easier with a glass flask and another container of flammable liquids.

Pour into flask > pour flask on ground > step to your left > pour into flask…

It lets you stretch one glass bottle over what? How many shots are in a bottle? 21?

Also each square you move furniture is a minute I think… (Don’t quote me on it though.) not the sort of thing I like when fleeing.

I crashed my bicycle into a small shrub, and for whatever reason I can’t move it. I asked on the IRC and they mentioned the “Move Furniture” option. I tried that but no part of the bike highlights for me.

I can’t believe my character cannot grasp the concept of “Lift or push the bicycle -away- from the shrub so that you can resume riding it”. What am I doing wrong, or is that just not programmed into the game?

Smash the scrub.