I Keep Getting Owned

Help me.

Pls be more specific… as to how your getting owned?

Zombies keep eating me.

Stay away from town then. Go there when its dark and keep a low profile. Don t illuminate yourself and keep as quiet as possible.

I’ve seen this before.
I’m new here myself but I’ve read the forums.
There is a ninja that can help you, He’s funsize but knows the game.
Something about a skrub, ida know he’ll explain it more if your lucky.

If you need help for real just say what problem your having, im new but im happy to help.

Really once you reach the third day or so survival becomes much easier. Don’t be demoralized by not being able to survive at first - it’s hard!

Edit: I’d recommend making a bow and some basic arrows, then get a basic food supply going. Do a nighttime raid on a house or grocery store and get some food. Once you’ve got enough, find a renewable water supply and practice melee and archery on small woodland critters - also getting some food in the process.

Dunno what else to tell you, I’m still pretty bad at early game.

If you aggro a hulk, you’re absolutely done for.

Imagine what you would do if you looked outside and everything has gone to hell.
Forget hunger Forget thirst, get a rock bang that pipe into a half decent weapon.
Start putting some padding between you and them biting you to death.
and no matter what scenario you start with if you see a laser dot on you, just run, just run put buildings between you, head for a forest.

The first minute or so of gameplay is death-decider number one. Is there or is there not a zombie creature immediately outside your spawn? If it’s anything but a zed dog, you’re better off just starting over. Zed cougar maybe. Zed bear? Nah. You’re done. Start over.

Left 4 Dead is a pretty awful example of zombie survival, because everything in it is the opposite of what you’d want to do. In reality, you would want to stay way the fuck away from zombies until you are damn sure you can handle them in a fight, and even then you avoid it when it’s anything but completely convenient. If you can’t brush it off, stay away.

When I’m traveling, I toggle Safe Mode on so that I can both move quickly and be alerted the instant that something dangerous appears on the edge of my detection radius. Generally you can see a bit farther than most enemies, so if you catch sight of, say, a rogue zombie bear, step back again and try to go around them. If you get a thin perimeter of tiles filled with enemies, you might have to bait one in and use that opening. If they’re all going to kill you, well, I guess you can go the LONG long way around, or just find somewhere else to go.

Basically, you handle no engagement you aren’t positive you can win. Scavenge at night, pay really close attention to where things are, and be a slippery little eel when they start to notice you.

It’s gonna take a while. After some time, though, you’ll be fully armored up and you’ll be able to safely handle zombie bears and then start to look at some of those robotic sons of bitches next. All just a matter of careful progression.

find guns, steal all the candy bars from zombie children. Profit.

P.S. Find guns.

This is gonna sound crazy but give it a shot:

Start with a lab start.

Provided you start below the surface (and you seem to usually do now.) you’re in a mostly controlled environment, at most you see one or two zombies at a time. The weapons aren’t the greatest, but it’s a lot more controlled. That said, it’s harder to find food unless you’re willing to resort to some less than pleasant concepts to get food. Water’s fairly easy to come by, plus if you’re lucky you can find what you need to make the assorted cooking supplies and with the abundancy of batteries it makes surviving easier. That said, if you can build a controlled fire (Either by a Wood Stove or Fireplace from the construction menu) it’ll help considerably.

Once you feel confident you’ll survive in the outside world, depending on what you’ve found down there you have six options of escape (in order of highest risk to lowest):

Teleportation (Either by bionic or the device occasionally found)
The tunneling bionic (I forget it’s name at the moment)
The resonator bionic (That lets you ‘shake’ walls down)
High Strength bashing of the metal doors at the front entrance by either bionic or mutagenic means.

Now that sounds complicated, but if you’ve got an understanding of the game it shouldn’t be too hard. Lastly, don’t be afraid to adjust options or even cheat until you’ve got an understanding of the game. I learned the mechanics by extremely heavy useage of the debug menu.





Quoted For Thruth

Metal doors are much harder than nearby walls.
Walls can be bashed down at str+bash equal to 30, metal doors need a whooping 60.
This means that if you start with str 8, level up fabrication and bashing weapons to 2 (each), you can make a quarterstaff and use it to bash down the walls. It will take a looong time in real time, but only few minutes in game. Bashing down a wall succeeds if (str+bash)>rng(30, 210), so with 7 str and a quarterstaff it’s a 1 in 180 chance. Damaged quarterstaff should NOT actually slow down/prevent the bashing down, because smash function uses item’s type bash damage, not the item’s actual bash damage (I think).

Play as bow hunter. Put as many points into stats as you can. Take the “quick” trait.

That is all.

When you get bored of obliterating everything (which is inevitable with this start), you’ll have learned the basics of the game, and can start playing more interesting characters. (Random is always fun).

Also to the guy who says, reset depending on start. No, do not do this. Use your noggin to try and get out of the situation. Most of the time you can run/kite away the danger (especially if you took the quick trait) and at other times you’ll die (c’est la vie, mon ami) but then, no one expected you live in the first place.

If you can consistently survive such scenarios then you are on your way. The game gets very dull, very quickly in my opinion (e.g once you have a decent set of armor and a good weapon (even a shocker brute cannot survive 5 .454 rounds to the face), you are pretty much unkillable by everything other than your own ego.), so try to enjoy those moments of intensity and tension while they are there.

Damn skrubs not providing helpful information that could help me help them.

Just answer with a guide encompassing every possible current and future scenario of all versions of cataclysm fully explaining in detail with pictures and attached video presentation every imaginable way of solwing these.




Quoted For Thruth[/quote]Quite Fucking True


Quoted For Thruth[/quote]Quite Fucking True[/quote]