I have been butchering mutant animals only to look at the gross meat descriptions

I love them! They make me feel very grossed out. Good job to whoever worked on them.


I just want a animal husbandry system so i can feed it to the dogs or pigs.

Edit: not too often the deves get compliments or appreaceation of their work. Usually it is just complaints. So a like for you.


unfortunately pigs have gone feral in cataclysm and will try and eat you
and that’s before they become undead

“any specie trying to add humans to its food chain ends up being extinct”

inb4 “but The Dreaded Moose” - they don’t eat people, they just kill them. So, an exception.

As far as I’ve read piglets can be tamed, so if you have a pig safely locked up you should, in theory, be able to wait until it produces piglets (which is supposed to be possible) and then tame those (which may require killing the pig, but it’s served its main purpose by then).

However, animals in DF do not eat, apart from the pseudo eating involved in taming them, so there won’t be any feeding of tainted meat to your pigs and dogs until animals require food.

The moose is going extinct as well. Only small animals, humans, and animals kept by humans will remain un-zombiefied in the medium term (Giant “insects” are sort of zombiefied [“insect” as neither spiders nor crustaceans are insects]). In the long term everything is probably lost…

if anything the catclysm should have taught humans some humility in of their place in nature