How to match pregen car frame shapes?


I can’t seem to install frames with the same shapes pregen cars have. The red circles are parts I can’t seem to recreate, is it that I am just missing something obvious?

For context this is a stripped down Humvee, and I want to make it bigger. However its driving me insane that I can’t match some of the parts.

Examine the vehicle, go to the part you don’t know what “shape” it is, then hit “p”, and when it shows you the “change shape” menu, look at where the menu places you - if I am not mistaken, the menu highlights the currently used shaped on that particular frame.

That sounds awesome, I’m on the latest stable release Frank-3 (at the time of writing this). I assume this ‘p’ option is available in the latest experimental release. I will update to the experimental branch and test. I’ll let you know what I find. Thanks again!

Edit: Big oof. Well the welding system now requires welding rods to function, so testing is not happening until I get those.
The change shape feature is as amazing as I had hoped, and you seem to be correct it does seem to highlight the current shape. However all three circled parts claim to be the normal “heavy-duty frame (hdframe)” and with that It seems there might be some kind of magic I can’t recreate causing the differences. I am saddened by this, if any other info comes up about this please let me know.

Edit2: So I went digging in the json files and found “hdframe_vertical_left” and “hdframe_vertical_right” etc… neither of these shapes are available to the player when adding frames to a vehicle. I must say this makes me very sad. Even if they are purely cosmetic, I would have liked to be able to use them.