How effective is hiding?

So I recently noticed that you can ‘hide’ in large cardboard boxes and dumpsters, and so I’m curious as to how useful and effective that is. Also, what other things are you able to hide in?

EDIT: Dumpsters, not garbage cans.

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Dumpsters and recycling bins (typically behind stores) work. But that may be what you meant by garbage cans. I haven’t actually tried hiding when Zeds are around, though. Just seems like a bad idea unless one is really desperate. I guess if you’re surrounded and/or low on stamina it might be better than nothing. But what if you get inside and the zombies just start hanging out because they lost you and now have nothing to do? They don’t die of dehydration.

You can also hide in pillow forts and mailboxes (hiding in mailboxes requires the “tiny” mutation).

Hiding isn’t very practical unless you use it for exploits like robbing the refugee center clean, dodging or poking turrets with a spear and etc.

If you need to regain stamina, I find downspouts are your best bet. Stand on it and fight, then when you get tired climb to the roof and rest. Climb down and resume fighting.

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I’ve had a hoard chasing after me day 2, hiding in a dumpster for a few minutes got most of them to wader off my trail. What was left was manageable enough to get away mostly intact.

Most of that was probably the running car that was near them though. But it was still effective.

I find they can somehow rip down the gutters and down spouts making roof escapes a better run away option than a long term standing option

It’s super easy to just rip off a downspout or gutter; they’re really not held on by much. I quite frankly am skeptical of whether or not you can reliably climb up one without the risk of just eating it half way up.
On topic now.
I’ve never tried hiding, it seems just like a really bad idea to me… Like where are the zombies going to go? Maybe if you had a conveniently placed remote radio nearby, but that seems very specific.

there are noise makers and talking dolls and the like to attract zombies with sound
activate throw hide and run when you think it’s safe
also I’m just more sceptical of a zombie reaching up to rip off a gutter when I can’t even shank him back for the trouble
just a bit of weirdness involving z levels I guess