How does see_cost work?

see_cost is an overmap tile parameter which is supposed to determine the visibility of tile on overmap. it is documented here:

I wanted to make landmarks spottable from longer distance by increasing their see_cost. However, I tried to set it to arbitrarily high numbers (20, 1000, 10000) and it doesn’t seem to change much. Also, for some reason I can’t find where it is used in the code.

My understanding based on the wording of the documentation is as follows:

Your character by default can see X overmap tiles.

By default every overmap tile counts as 1 tile (the see_cost is ‘1’)

By increasing the see_cost you then are basically making it harder for a character to see behind that tile, because the tile ‘eats up’ more vision range.

Hope that made sense. If i’m wrong i am sure someone will correct me :slight_smile:

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