How do you raise stats like trust?

so how do you raise stats like trust or non-fear stats? I don’t see anything on the wiki besides fear

Beauty and speech can help in relation to improving trust, Otherwise I’m unsure of anything else. Fancy clothes maybe?

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You mean towards NPCs?
I’d assume doing stuff like reading skillbooks with them (which raises their stats), applying bandages/general healthcare when they’re wounded, allowing them to sleep whenever they feel tired, completing a mission for them, etc would help.

Completing a mission for them and not requesting payment will immediately raise their value of you to Best Friends Forever, and make them trust you, but IDK how to make them not be scared shitless of a high-end survivor. Presumably taking off your combat gear and dropping your gun should help, but I need to test to be sure. As for anger, afaik they’ll never get mad at someone they’re terrified of, and also as long as you don’t hurt them (if they get in your line of fire, don’t shoot).

I think there are two different things being discussed here:

  1. The OP, i.e. how trustworthy the character is to random strangers.
  2. How you build trust with companions (and possibly known NPCs).

For 1, I believe attractiveness matters, as mentioned, as well as the speech skill (it may have changed since 0.E2 stable). Being perceived as less threatening also improves trustworthiness, I think (i.e. I think you can gain an improved chance to convince NPCs by sacrifice some of the chance to succeed in threatening them). This also means it isn’t a “stat” but rather a function of various factors. I also wouldn’t rule out the possibility that INT might play a role.

For companions (and NPCs you’re trying to recruit as companions) your ability to convince them to help you (e.g. becoming your companion and teach you things) seems to increase with time spent without a conflict (you can make new attempts to recruit them every so often, and the percentage chance to succeed improves over time even though no relevant skills have increased), as well as improved speech skill. Performing quests gives a very big bonus. I believe there are some things you can do to lower it, such as not having enough calories in your base camp when they return from a job, and I wouldn’t be surprised if letting them go hungry is bad for the relation as well.