House rules - when you feel you get too easily NPCs

This is a discussion for people who thinks they can convince too easily NPCs to join in. If you are fine recruiting 6 of them in one swoop, that’s fine too :slight_smile:

Probably because of some mods, I can encounter from time to time buildings such as Apartment Towers with Refugees (holding ~~ 30 NPCs) and Preppers Camps, only 8 NPCs but quite some decent gears! And they all can be convinced to join in, once per day, with just a % roll, no mission.

Somehow I feel that I would be exploiting the shortcomings of the NPC dialogues if I manage to convince someone to join. So the House Rule I’m trying to come with. The basis is that me, a lone stranger with not much gear should convince them with something before some might join.

So my current house rule, I’m trying to improve on, is that I’m entitled one NPC per 4 houses present in towns I entirely liberated from Zeds encroachment. That’s not easy given I’m playing with x5 Zeds number. Liberating a town means you prove your worth to NPCs, show them not all hope is lost and that they should join you in your ‘crusade’.

Admittedly, I guess that once I start to “power up” with more and more houses liberated, I can snowball and it becomes rather easy to liberate yet another town. Or not, because of Zeds evolution plus the fact I’m yet to liberate my first town, working on it!

Again, that’s just for discussion, and for my personal apocalypse, but perhaps some of you feel like me and are interested in the debate.
Additional bonus, this also give you an ‘end goal’, to reclaim towns until you reach X NPCs. If you need one that is. Thanks.

Refugee apartment towers I’m pretty sure come from a mod, dunno about prepper camps, never seen one before.

Edit: I’ll added that, at least imo, NPCs become less and less useful the higher up the evolution scale zombies get and the more skilled and equipped your own survivor gets.

True. I’ve seen a skeletal juggernaut rip a half dozen NPCs apart in under thirty seconds. After a while their best use is large scale construction, since I can’t be bothered to dig ditches all day.

I usually build 3x3 or 3x2 rooms for NPCs to live in if I have a stationary base, an empty seat if it’s mobile. Only once there is a room do I have them join, otherwise it’s only those in dire straits in dangerous areas. Also if you’re playing a mad scientist it’s always a good choice to let join another vict-, err subje-, err helping hand for your genetic experiments.
I mean merry adventures!

Currently I’m doing a little bit of civ-building. Castle, village and whatnot. There’s no real point to it since the game can’t make use of and recognize this sort of abstract construct that is human civilization but I like to pretend people are doing their jobs. I’ve got some knights for town liberation and a bunch of farmers to produce the food. Otherwise everyone else is either town decoration or a means to the end that is speeding up any construction and batch crafting.

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Beautiful! Share some screenshots, I like this ‘rebuild’ thing.

Love to, once it’s finished.

The word you were searching for is “volunteer”.