Horse Capacity for Riding

Keep in mind your quiet village stories aren’t how american cats live. Also, I didn’t say I drag animals. That was an analogy. Like getting people to to pay attention to details is like “Pulling Teeth”.

Most americans don’t have cats that can be lead. If you live in a city and happen to be an animal. You don’t trust anything, because it can be a threat. Nice stories though smart guy, but the game isn’t about Switzerland. Most wild animals have just cause to fear humans.

House pets wouldn’t live long in a zombie apocalypse. Either they get eaten or starve to death. Which leaves, out door pets and wild animals. Neither would trust humans lightly now that there are more threats to them than ever before.

Yeah, I’m sure Zürich is a quiet village :roll_eyes:

Congratulation on using the term “literally” wrong, then.

… or, you know, trust them who feeds you food?

Domestic. This is about domestic cats (except it’s about riding horses, but as it’s derailed anyway a long time ago, its about leadable animals now, I guess). Semi-feral, at best.

Since they are starving as you say, it would make even more sense to follow the only being that was friendly to them and provided food.

Well, I’m not though and smartness is relative; just as most of the things in the universe. That said, while this game “isn’t about Switzerland”, it’s neither about your personal experiences and can’t (or shouldn’t) ignore scientific data or other peoples experience that you call “bad programming or a bug” in favor of what you’d personally probably would consider a more realistic approach to a theoretical situation that never existed and - hopefully - never will.

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Again you troll me. I think you must like me or take so much interest in my posts that your life is given such meaning to when you await my reply. Nice baiting though. No food for you my troll. Cheers. =D

At some point you’ll probably learn that not everyone who doesn’t share your opinion and reason with you is a troll. But since in an other post you’ve admitted that you do troll, it makes sense that you see trolls in anyone else too.

I will continue to point out flaws in posts and support all constructive posts of anyone I see here, regardless if that’s you or someone else.

Side note, since you somehow made this into a personal discussion: Given that I have 12 likes from you at this point in time, making you the person who liked me the 3rd most, and me the 4th place on your list of liked people, while you’re not in my top six for likes and not the top person I’ve answered to, I’d assume it’s more the other way around…
In future, if you want to continue this discussion or otherwise get personal, let’s do that in the private messages so it does not disrupt the forum topic(s) (sorry @mentos046, no more popcorn sessions for you :pensive: ).


Just fuck already goddamn.

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Yeah, I’ve got a good number of semi-feral barn cats on/around my property. Some are more skittish, but some of the others will happily follow me around at a distance.

The one or two that my gf and I pick as our “pets” (ie. feed and interact with while they’re kittens) seem to spend the rest of their lives almost directly under our feet.

I live in rural North Alabama, if that matters.

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