Guide to Enemies

What is the weaknesses and strengths of every enemies?

The main thing I’m asking is what weapons for what enemies for example:
Skeletal enemies: are nearly immune to pierce and cutting damage but against bashing they fall apart so a club is recommended against them.

That sort of thing general stuff for general enemies like that for things like the Thing in the mines strategies for them like should you shoot them or run away should you hide and do they see?

Everything is weak to shotguns and six pounds of dynamite. I’ve never really varied the strategy beyond that.


Wasn’t really looking for that. I was talking what weaknesses do they have like the examples in the original post. While yes that would work it really doesn’t make a good guide.
Guide to kill all monsters.

Chapter one: shotgun

Shoot everything with a shotgun and six pounds of dynamite.

While that might be a decent all over strategy it doesn’t work for specific enemies like skeletal ones. Or help new players with the start up.

Go to the wiki and look them up. If you are going to a specific location you can look up the guides(dated but advice is still good).

Erk’s guide to killing monsters:

If it looks like it would be scary to stand close to, shoot it with a bow.

If it looks like it would be fun to hit it with a stick, hit it with a stick.

(Honestly though a monsters guide would be cool)

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My main note is most enemies don’t have a weakness. Its just you need to do a lot of damage. Most have more cut resist than bash resist. Except slimes?

the range of a spear is enough for most
range will always be your greatest ally

There are a bunch of tidbits you can gather:

  • Soldiers and skeletons have high piercing defence.
  • Grenadiers drop active explosives upon death.
  • Hulks and Juggernauts will bash other Zs out of the way to get to you.

But honestly a guide to weapons is generally more useful:

  • Piercing is good at low skill but doesn’t scale
  • Cutting is good at high skill but weak initially
  • Bashing is always decent
  • Ranged weapons keep you away from enemies and therefore safe but you have to manage ammo and noise attracts.
  • Shotguns should be used as emergency weapons not primary ones as they are always super loud.

This is my typical methodology for killing monsters, and it has yet to fail me:



Zombies are dumb. They prioritize their senses: sight, sound, smell. Without much variety, they have one tactic: move towards the thing triggering the sense with the highest priority, apply damage. Using this knowledge it’s quite possible to murder entire cities worth of zombies without firing a shot. All you really need is a couple sacrificial buildings and a hiding spot nearby to keep the reality bubble alive around your fire trap. Works best with wander spawns since a burning building will attract zombies from several tiles away. Read a book, smoke a cigarette; enjoy the good life while watching a barbecue. It’s a great way to start a character out.
And when things go wrong…well that’s fun too.

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