Good Traits that are too good

I think the great way to expand this is by making meal-time more time-consuming, rather than consuming a third of a pie in a matter of seconds, and gourmand would cut it back down to seconds too…


I would expect a gourmand to take his time to enjoy his meal not eating it faster than a normal person.


Well, I always took a gourmand as a mainly the people who compete in those weird eating contests… Maybe that could be the trade-off with taking such a hidden god trait, have to take more time eating and such.

(Sorry for getting a little more OOC…)

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The most valuable traits are the ones that can’t get gotten any other way.

Parkour expert, for instance, gives you a fairly nice bonus (nothing massive, but really useful for kiting) that cannot be gotten literally any other way. Strong genetics is another REALLY good one like this. Strong back/packmule are, IMO, pretty weak (quality of life, not much else), but they do go in here. Weak scent goes here, but it’s really not that useful past the early game. Light step DEFINITELY goes here, and can be a real life saver in night raids.

Night vision is stupendously nice, but for quality of life, but also for surviving on night raids, so it’s REALLY good early game… but it can be acquired fairly easily by mutation or equipment in mid game, so if you’re trying to optimize for late game, it’s not a good choice. (I usually take it anyway.) Most of the traits martial arts are in this category, too, though they can be REALLY useful (as actually finding any one book is rare).

That’s how I think about it, anyway.


You can get robust genetics through mutation :stuck_out_tongue: but your not wrong.

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You CAN get Robust Genetics through mutation, yes… but you can just as easily lose it again with purifier, defeating the purpose of Robust Genetics. When it’s a trait, if you mange to mutate it away, you can get it BACK with purifier. Robust Genetics (trait) >>> Robust Genetics (acquired).

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True, I guess I’m biased cos I didn’t really have any trouble keeping it the few times I’ve gone down the mutant route. I tend to stick with the medical/elf-a and alpha branches and I usually mutate/purify until I start with it then work my way up from there.

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Lets see, many of my previous builds have been full ninja-style builds:

  • Night Vision
  • Light Step
  • Martial Arts: Ninjitsu

and then a couple others to round things out. The combination of light step and ninjitsu’s silence effect on melee strikes makes it extremely easy to whittle down hordes of zombies at night, as disengaging from them becomes very easy. I’ve taken quick, packmule or parkour occasionally, but I rarely feel like I need them.

My current build is a Bookworm/Fast reader/High int type, which is a departure for me. I have to say, you do mow through books at an impressive rate with this kind of layout, with even lvl 8 skill ups generally taking significantly less than a day. Not the best fighter though - going to rely on guns a lot more in the late game.

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Wait, eating 917 cheese wheels isn’t realistic?

Anyways, I think one of the more OP are the ones that reduce maintenance - if you need less sleep, eat or drink, then you get more time to do stuff without getting a yellow tag nagging “hey u ned snack”


Nice try Kevin, I know that’s you :stuck_out_tongue:
No but seriously most of the traits fall under 3 categories…
Required to survive consistently: night vision,
Free points: like ugly or truth teller
And flavor traits: stylish, jittery, or cannibal

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Oh yeah, my bookworm has Less Sleep - that is a very powerful trait, as it makes your average day considerably more efficient. More time up scavenging/working, less time sleeping and burning through food and water doing nothing at all.


If you really need a boost of morale without doing anything basically, take:
Basically become your own source of joy…

Masochist is still really nice, as a survivor wont miss from morale penalties during battles and such, plus not 100% sure but i think the survivor misses less from in pain

Youre going to be in a bad mood alot. Take opptimist. It helps on many levels

It depends of how you use those traits too (some of them), since i alway play an archer, i take parkour and the one that gives you taekwondo, so if they get too near, kick them and shot them, or fight them on a table since parkour negates the moving penalty on you but not the zombie.
Quick and fleet-footed are another good combiantion too