Full Health 60L Fuel Tank capping at 4L of Gasoline

Playing 0.D. Trying to fuel up a gas tank. It is 60L, but I can only fill it to 4L. Cannot get it above 4L, as it just wastes a whole unit of gas from my jerrycan. Any insight on what is wrong?

The gas tank could possibly be damaged and can’t hold more than that amount without it pouring out…

It is fully repaired. Green, with the frame under it repaired. It only fills to 4L.

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Hmmm, someone might have better insight with this, I’ve got some limited (but I’m not complete ignorant) knowledge about vehicles in game, usually a damaged tank is the cause of most problems though.

It was leaking when I first picked the vehicle up, but stopped once repairing it. The 4L limit to my gas is getting annoying though. Note water can fill the whole 60L. Only Gasoline is having this problem.

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It confuses me, especially since I am new to this. But like stated earlier, water can fill the tank all the way, even tried with cough syrup. I just can’t fill it with gasoline. Have not tried diesel.

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If someone can help I would appreciate it. It is pretty game breaking being always stuck at 3 or 4% fuel.

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Update your game. I had the same issue which was stacking gas inside the tanks.

Fixed in the update