Fish Butchery Bug in 0.D

I attempted to butcher a smallmouth bass in the latest build (8621) only for my game to crash. It’s not like the crash that I used to get sometimes before 0.D, though.

I figured it might be because I was using Aftershock, Bright Nights, Ascension and Cataclysm++ all at once (a bad decision I know :p) but it seemed a bit weird that that would result in a crash from a smallmouth bass of all things.

It says I don’t have a butchery tool in the image, but I spawned in a steak knife after that as I was testing if it would crash again (I had taken the fish back to base before and it had crashed then).

Crash Log

CRASH LOG FILE: config/crash.log
VERSION: 0.D-572-gc62f18a
TYPE: Signal
MESSAGE: SIGFPE: Arithmetical error

Does it crash when you butcher anything, or just the bass?

Just the bass. I haven’t found anything else it does this with yet. I can test it out if it helps.

This issue may be related

First thing try to reproduce the issue without mods, then enable mods one by one and find out which one causes the issue.

Yeah @anothersimulacrum I took out PK’s and I no longer get the bug. @dissociativity tagging you here as this looks like it’s related to an existing issue.

That bug was already fixed in the latest PK days ago mate

I downloaded the latest version today and the bug was still present. I’ll redownload and try again tomorrow just in case, though.

This should have fixed it