Fires and Crash

I can reliably replicate a crash with having more than 2 houses at one time burning and I’m holding a movement button for more than 4 seconds.

Again, 2 houses, both lit with a Molotov.

anything specifically I need to do to help you guys out with this or am I SOL?

I replicated it and I had to run around the house for more then 15seconds (holding the movement keys) and it crashed on about 15

Is this something with outrageous resource use or a conflict with the fire and surrounding tiles?

Ill check my CPU usage while lighting the 2 fires and running

EDIT: I couldnt get it to crash and the usage only went to 75% at a spike

Tried watching it: It spiked to 50%, ram never spiked on crash. any ideas?

dont try and start mass fires and if you do dont hold down the movement keys?