Fire Proof NPCs and Time not Passing Properly

I’m playing the Linux version on Cygwin in Windows 7.
Cataclysm version 0.4-996-gee92ac5

  1. Npcs dont seem to take fire damage at all after I lit an evac shelter to kill a NPC. After the building burned down around her, she just trotted off like nothing ever happened.

  2. Time doesnt pass when you travel to different Z levels. Hard to explain but here are some screenshots.

I started my fire at 8:49am

Waited downstairs for about 4 hours

When i came back up nothing has happened

This shot is just to show the NPC surviving the fire

You guys probably know about all this but just in case you don’t. Thanks to everyone involved for making this amazing game.

Yeah right now when you go onto a different z-level most things (I think enemies are one of the few exceptions to this) freeze exactly where they are. It’s because at the moment the game freezes everything on different z-levels and stores it away when you do to a different one. Hopefully some time in the future (most likely when we get multiple z-levels handled nicely) time will actually keep passing on the other levels then where you are.

Thank you for the information i2amroy and I really hope that can be implemented later.