Expansion of the exp pool as an option

Title pretty much says it all, it would be nice to have the option to expand the exp pool.
Also possibly the option of starting in a different season so temp is a bigger/smaller factor would be nice.

no. no larger xp pool

see here day 14 of a fast-learner/fast-healer. i built him up with dex and for 7 days have had him get himself beat up. he’s not an optimist and he’s not used his mp3 player, so he spent about 1000xp a day, no more.

look, with a week of intentional training, this guy has better dodge stats from exclusively practicing with a spear than all my other guys ever had. … if you doubled the xp pool he would get 2 levels of dodge per training session instead of just one. and that would … break the game as far as i can tell.

now, i know someone’s going to call for the nerf bat and go all nazi against dex builds because they didn’t think of them and blah blah blah, but the system that puts xp where it puts it is only mildly surprising, and then in a good way, for where it puts secondary xp coming from an action.

so here’s this guy focusing on training dogde. rightfully, after 2 weeks of that he can let himself get surrounded by plain Z’s and live to tell about it. he’s going to the endgame, but please don’t let him go any faster.

I wouldn’t mind adding a trait that allows for a larger exp pool, to be honest. Or a flaw that decreases it.


Im not asking for it to be hard coded in, just an option in the options, like starting points is.

Option/traits would both be good. Support, especially if skill rust gets reimplemented, as the XP pool & its limits is what made skill-rust such a killer.