Did anyone has fix the "ghost door"?

So, on the stable 0.C I found one supernatural thing, is sometime you try to open a door inside some building, some creature just jump out nowhere

I already has two encounter for this, the first time happening is on swamp lab, I was explore lab on the ground level, then I open one of the door, get inside are get out, then a giant centipede just came out nowhere and bite me, I couldn’t do anyhing about it

the second time this happening is on a mansion on the forest near the triffid grove, when I try open the door inside the mansion and get out the door, a triffid just came out nowhere but thank god It was 1 tiles between me, so I can deal with them on the time

I remember sometime explore on a underground level lab, when I open the door and then get inside and out, some sewer rat is also cameout nowhere and attacking me too, but I forgot which version on that happening right now, mabye even earlier than 0.C.

I call this situation “ghost door”, and hope someone can findout where’s the problem.

Have you checked on the experimentals? It may already have been fixed.