Deconstruction of Sofas

Try it. Try to deconstruct a sofa.

I was looting repurposing the items in a furniture store when I tried to deconstruct a sofa. After a fancy color change (no thats not the bug) it say I deconstructed the sofa. And my reward for doing so was: 0 nails and 0 2x4s. I was also rewarded with a new sofa occupying the exact same spot as the old one. Meaning that I can’t deconstruct sofas even though the event log says that “You dissasemble the sofa.”

This is definately a bug, but I am more curious of why it arrises if it is furniture like all the other things in the store?

Someone probably just forgot to specify the components to it leaving them at nothing. Why you’re getting another sofa is the question I want to figure out.