DEBUG option to see NPC locations on the overmap

I am 13 days in, have explored a whole town, half of another a decent bit of a third, with Random NPC spawn time at 0.5 and I’ve only found two NPCs, both of which Static spawns. I haven’t just explored towns either, various cabins and lonesome landmarks out by themselves as well.

I want to actually encounter some random wandering NPCs, but I can never manage to do so. I was hoping in the DEBUG options there’d be a way to show all NPC locations, but there doesn’t appear to be. I just want to meet more people!

I’m probably going to lower the spawn time even more so that maybe I can finally have a more ‘dynamic’ encounter.

Debug menu (you should first assign a key to it through keybindings “?” menu) -> Info -> Check game state. 3rd or 4th screen will be a list of NPCs in quite a large radius. Other than that, I can only suggest combing through o.x.y files in save folder.

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I feel like it was pretty clear I knew how to get to the DEBUG menu given I was saying that there should be an option for this in the DEBUG menu.

That part aside I’ll go ahead and try that when I get back on. I certainly didn’t think that would do anything relevant.

This might be the case, but is the person who finds this topic in 3 or 4 months as familiar with it as you are?
Maybe someone else will read this topic too, after googling “NPC locations”, you never know…

Answers like the one GiggleGrassGatherer gave are more helpul to a broader portion of the readers than a “See game state.” and does not harm you in any way, as you can freely skip information that you don’t need.

As for on topic, while it’s not a debug option, if you get onto a roof or tower, you can see in a big radius around you. While it doesn’t directly represent the NPCs on the map that way, you could move the marker over all buildings in the radius as it shows their inhabitants.