Crossbow Ejecting Nones

I am running version 0.8-1618-gb3d7733.

When firing a normal crossbow loaded with either metal or wooden bolts, a none is created in a pattern consistent with an ejected shell casing.

If I could find a way to craft nones into a sphere of annihilation with some duct tape, I probably wouldn’t be pointing this out at all. : )

Same version, and none is also created when using some CBM (laser, spark …).


Thank you for the report!

It’s good to know that the brave soul that constructs some form of thread-firing gun can rest easy. No weird bugs for that particular apocalypse-tamer.

On a serious note, I think the degree to which you and the other devs keep the game bug-free is impressive. I believe I speak for the community when I extend sincere appreciation.

I mean, I just drove down a street full of zombies on a motorcycle while firing a scratch-built, pneumatic bolt-driver, and it worked just fine. Awesome!

Bows as well, it seems to be across the board producing none’s, at least its not nopes!