Critical Vehicle Damage VS Destroied

I’ve noticed in vehicles any time a part becomes unusable it’s grey, but it’s still there and contributing to the overall weight of a vehicle. But what about completely blowing parts off of vehicles? Imagine being hit by another vehicle while your car door is open, it might get sheared off and still be intact (and recoverable?) Or maybe instead having armored plating blown completely off when running over a mine? Hell, could even work with the quality system, low quality welds/repairs have a chance of just falling off if jarred too hard.

What I’m getting at is add a further state of damage to vehicles which would be ‘destroyed’ the part is no longer listed, possibly leaving behind either a small pile of appropriate scrap if completely destroyed or a significantly damaged part if it’s blown off. Plus, it’d mean being able to clear traffic jams with mini-nukes.


We definitely need something to completely remove a part. Right now I’m thinking the easiest thing to do for a quick fix would be to simply make it so that if all parts on a given square are destroyed then they are all removed, but it could definitely be expanded upon to be more in-depth.