CRASH! 0.8-518-g4b4c437

Well as it says it just randomly crashed. I just killed a smoker and opened some windows do get the smoke out. I then closed the windows and the door again and went to examine a cupboard I think, then it crashed. Logg.txt says “calling get_input() for Examine” nothing else.

Btw: is there some sort of bug tracker where I can check whether or not “my” bug is known?

OT: Could CDDA be messing with the touchpad of my laptop? Whenever I play CDDA, afterwards the scrollfunction of the laptop stops working. Only a reboot helps to clear the problem.

What OS, what version of Cata, and do you have any sort of localization?

Also you might want to consider checking if you can update your touchpad/keyboard drivers, since an outdated one there might be causing this problem.