Crafting Search Feature [based on which skills are used]

I know that the current crafting menu features a search that includes item names and whatnot. But could we also have a search feature that includes what skills are used for creating such items? This search could include items from all menu categories that require the specific skill(s) used.

Say for example, I want to search for items that require both survival and mechanics, or search for all items that require either the mechanics skill or the survival skill.

So advanced filters. Noted.
But for all recipes or only recipes discovered?
And why, may I ask? The craft screen with everything discovered isnt that big

This idea is just to make item (and their associated skills) searching more simplistic when new items are implemented in the future (the wiki isn’t always reliable, but folks are consistently helping out with that).

Not every item that requires the Electronics skill is in the same category as Electronics, and that goes for a number of other items as well. I just think that it would be handy to have a way of finding out what uses what skill, especially when one of your skills is suddenly lowered through skill rusting. So for example, we can search for what skill(s) does items [X] use, and have a list of items that only use [X] skill(s). This could also be useful for when you want to train those specific skills using items from that list.

Inevitably, Cataclysm’s item list will grow and so will the number of items we can craft. This is just an idea I’m throwing out there before that time comes! :slight_smile:

Edit: Also, this could likely only apply to what recipes you already know, to keep spoilers in-game at a minimum.