Crafting clean water straight from a keg of water does not work

I am set up in a cabin using a wood stove. Have an empty keg to southwest to store clean water, and a keg 24% full of normal water to the south. North of me is stove.

Crafting clean water with fire lit lets me choose batch x20, with the only water around being the keg to the south. Time passes, I get the message that the activity is too low to
boost my skill, but no clean water is created, no regular water is taken out. Crafting out of jerry cans, canteens, bottles, etc all seems to work fine. Just the keg that is an issue.

Can confirm. I have experienced this also. It should be noted that this applies to “wooden keg” constructions, rather than to objects that can be carried around.

I can also confirm this bug, and add to it. The game does not appear to actually be pulling water from the water source in this case, as it acknowledges the keg as a water source but does not drain any water from it. So, crafting clean water fails (since it’s the only component), but crafting recipes that require water as a component still work, and don’t actually drain any water from the keg (so, infinite water).

So a work around. Fill key for a water source and use a bucket or something. Fill the bucket from keg and work under the assumption that it would be easier to do so than a spigot.

Which…would actually be true in many cases. Not all though. I can wash my hands better from a spigot than a bucket but this is a work around with logic…humor me =P