Construction crashing game... and spiked pits turning into lava

I want to document two problems, one brief, one super weird.

Build 588, that came out today, seems to crash whenever I try any sort of construction, from digging to cleaning windows. * brings up the menu but the game instantly crashes when I hit the relevant letter. Tested with/without tiles and on two different computers.

This one is weirder, and unless it is somehow intentional I’m amazed that nobody has caught it yet. It is present in this most current build and in at least the last couple.

Here’s the funky one:

  1. Digging a full-sized pit yields a pit called “spiked pit.” It is actually a normal pit; stepping into it causes no damage. But it is called “spiked pit” in the UI, and stepping towards it prompts the spiked pit warning.

  2. Digging an actual spiked pit also yields a pit called “spiked pit”… with lava at the bottom. Tried this a few times across a couple recent experimental builds, and every time making a spiked pit actually created a normal pit with lava at the bottom, complete with a lava-relating warning when you attempt to step in.

I’m not sure if 588 breaking construction is somehow just for me, but the instant-lava spike pit thing should be super easy to replicate. Dig a normal, non-spiked pit. Then build a spiked pit. Marvel.

I have no explanation for this, just thought I should bring it to someone’s attention.

There was an accidental trap ID shift due to snares only being half-removed. should fix traps showing up as completely the wrong stuff.