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Building on that, I’d say make it a base expansion to complement the radio tower. Requires high electronics skill from one of your minio- erm… companions, and results in basic wireless infrastructure you can use to remote manage your bases with wireless infra, talk with distant NPCs without wasting radio batteries (Which can be used to raise your moral), contact other factions who would have access to this kind of tech (Old Guard comes to mind), maybe raise chances of NPC recruitement missions too to represent automated broadcasts and longer reach. Perhaps it could also be used to share map data with factions and zombie horde tracking info from your camps (for those who play with wander spawns). You could even make the final stage of the building allow you to hack into satellites (The cataclsym didn’t wreck stuff in space did it? o.O Also, are the astronauts safe? :open_mouth: ) for map data or extra range on your comms. That’s more the kind of thing I’d like to see computers do. Perhaps similar functions could be implemented into other consoles scattered around the world (radio stations come to mind) that solo survivors can use to chat with NPCs who have given them their IP.

In short, I don’t really see the cataclysm survivor fixing up a data center so they can host the new and improved reddit and youtube, but salvaging a few PCs and networking equipment would likely be a judicious choice for the tech-savvy, tons of useful things to do with PCs even in the post-apocalypse era.

I think the one tech that might make some sense is using a modem BBS via ham radio. With the right equipment and very high electronics and computer skills this might be a neat late-game source of quests and information.

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Survivors Connected is this going to be Flashback for Survivors??

I thought it was about video games in the game

Interesting fact, a lot of the time when you actually check interesting facts they turn out to be false.

Interesting fiction one of the ancestors of ‘The Internet’, ARPANET, is said to have been developed to survive a nuclear war. Said by people who are wrong. :stuck_out_tongue: Although I also thought that until about ten minutes ago.