Can someone point me in the right direction of where the colors are defined? I found a json in raw called colors, but it doesn’t contain some of the building colors (Yellow with Magenta Background, Etc.)

Also, is it possible to add new colors?

Colors are in color.cpp and color.h. As far as I know, they’re based on the default 16 ncurses colors, with a foreground and a background color from that list. Apparently ncurses actually offers extended support up to 256 colors, but as of yet, I haven’t found out how to actually use them.

If you are on windows I don’t think you can without downloading a new terminal program. The default windows terminal only supports the default 16 IIRC, (as opposed to other OS’s, many of which support all 256 if you want).

Doh! I’ve been working on buildings and have been stuck in json-ville, I’ll go check those files out.