Code::Blocks compilation issue

I’m attempting to compile the game using Code::Blocks, but when it runs, I get an error:

“Could neither read nor create ./data/options.txt”

Do I need to setup Code::Blocks’ running directory or something? I’ve never used Code:Blocks before so I’m a little at a loss.

While waiting for a proper response consider compiling using MinGW+MSYS instead. It’ll also display errors but won’t halt the process and you’ll be able to play without any major issue (at least it worked for me in a test compiling I did yesterday). Check this thread for more info.

Open the cbp-project file with simple text editor (but not Notepad!) and change all “/” symbols to “”. This helped me.

[size=7pt]You are using Windows, aren’t you?[/size]

Sounds like a permissions problem, try putting the repo in your documents folder or something.