CBM like Mutations and Mutations for CBMS

Perhaphs some of the mutations could invade the cbms abilitys menu or a rework on the menu to conserve all the letters of the alphabet and such to where probably just make multiple tabs by showing perhaps the passive cbms on one Press tab Activivatable mutations press tab agrain Mutation abilitys … also probably have it remember what tab you were on so people dont press tab twice to spam something…

Also, I believe that they would in that futuristic society, If they are messing with mutagens before all this zombiesm started why would they not make specific targeted mutagens to work in cohert with CBM,s.

and the p button probably goes better with powers than bionics :stuck_out_tongue: perhaphs even just stuff the passive bionics with all the other passives… and on that note integrated tool-set should be activatable

yes! i meant to say that but i was forgetting.
its a welder & soldering iron too, right? so we should be able to activate it to repair stuff.

Mutagens never made it outside the labs. Alpha was being considered for broader use (super-military, leadership cadres, etc) but that was it. Had there been a few more years, perhaps we’d have cat-commandoes and literal USN/USMC frogmen.

But most of the time, money, and props were going to the teleporter crew, not the xenopharm folks.