Can't see outside of car windows in latest experimental?

for some reason I can’t see outside of the windows in vechiles like solar cars and big rigs
did they add something?

are you crouching?

You can crouch if it’s not that then it must be a bug.

hmm I see
it seems they must’ve added a visibility thing for crouching than the last time I checked
then again I don’t use it often

Yeah it’s the same button as sprinting " it cycles through the three now walking>sprinting>crouching

You can bind each movement mode to its own key.

For my games I unbind ‘Cycle move mode’ so I don’t accidentally cycle the mode.
Then I bind ‘Reset movement to walk’ to [Backspace], ‘Toggle Run’ to [Page Up], and ‘Toggle Crouch’ to [Page Down].

You can also have “toggle run/walk” and “toggle crouch/walk” buttons. I personally use " and backspace. Didn’t even play that much with old no-crouch layout but triple-option switch just doesn’t work for me.