Bug: Targeting/ Snapping Target when using gun

DEBUG : Exceeded allowed range!

FUNCTION : bool target_ui::set_cursor_pos(const tripoint&)
FILE : src/ranged.cpp
LINE : 2440
VERSION : c1bde37

I’m using single barrel shotgun and i already killed 1 zombie. and when im about to kill the swat zombie which is 12 distance away from me, because the range of the shotgun is 12, this bug came.

btw this is my first time here. Am i in the right place to report bugs?

This may help you fix the problem. I found out that the problem really is in the single barrel shotgun. Its not automatically unloading the ammo in the shotgun after i shot the Z Swat 1 time And when Im about to shoot the 2nd time message appear. I also cannot reload the shotgun it says that it has ammo.