Breeding overload, Prisoner scenario, Eyebot rebalance, Acorn

Breeding: So i keep getting massive groups of dogs forming massive groups around my base, they make easy prey and are a good resource but it makes the game too easy if you use the meat,pelts, and bones and annoying to clear out constantly. idk how to make them stop multiplying and slowing down the game .

Prison scenario notes and suggestions:
1.the scenario will occasionally spawn you in a locked stair case, i usually restart the scenario until am not locked in but it would be nice not having to resort to that.
2. I suggest getting rid of and maybe reducing the number of eye bots that spawn in there and/or limiting how many police/riot bots a single eye bot can spawn as well as randomizing where they spawn better(i would like to imagine an underground robotics room that holds x number of units and deploys them in case of a prison break or something) . I typically herd the eye bots into a room or cell, once i have set traps around i will usually sleep in that room/cell every night. bots usually spawn in 1 of 4 cells consistently or outside and i can farm infinite amounts of plutonium and solar cells.(OP) i also get a bug notification from bots spawning. :stuck_out_tongue:

Acorn: Cooking an acorn uses a mortar and pestle, quern or food processor with 20 charges and all three take the same amount of time. (imbalanced. I believe in real life you typically have to blanch acorns in water first to remove the tannants before edible)

  1. Build a house made of metal
  2. Make a basement
  3. Start a fire outside
  4. Hide in basement
  5. Enjoy the hot dogs

For Fancy items, do you have the pre-requisitve advantage from character generation?

No. I thought Stylish trait only enhanced the morale gained. The perk is the only way to get it?

Eyebots . . . blech. I recently SAW the riot bot spawn. That should never happen, it should always be out of LOS. If they can’t spawn out of LOS they shouldn’t spawn. That’s my only real complaint.

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as far as I am aware, Stylish is required

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That seems stupid. Just because you aren’t much for style doesn’t mean you don’t like to wear a snazzy fedora from time to time! HERESY!

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I believe the logic is that there’s a lot of minor jewelry that doesn’t interfere with other things that gives a certain amount of passive morale boost. This is potentially a very strong passive boost to things.

Maybe there could be a way to have the morale boost proportional to the value of the worn gear.
And also penalties for damaged or dirty clothing.

Dirt hides the prettiest gem.

Wears the dirtiest clothes -->feels like a princess.

Ty JEN for clearing that up. My logic was long the lines of redxlaser15, people can enjoy the finer things even if they aren’t super refined and cultured. That said what you say is also valid, perhaps they need to lower the passive bonuses and increase the trait bonus to balance it more accurately.

Hehehe, I know what you mean. Idk if you’ve ever come across a large dead animal in the forest or a whale on a beach but i can tell you that’s something else entirely. Come to think of it, idk if you would be able to remove a smell like that from clothing…

Would removing your nose fix the problem?

Perhaps, definitely not the stain though but human blood is also a biohazard.

I didn’t know human blood was a biohazard. It isn’t surprising though.

Well in real life anyhow. Perhaps it should also be like that in the game? Smell of rotting bodies near the player should lower morale, blood and things may cause diseases? idk

-That sounds like that would make sense, yet cause waaaayyy to much moral debuffs to be balanced. I mean, seriously, how frequent is it that you encounter blood and gore in the game?
-If that was added, it would need to be that it only takes effect early game. By the time you’ve survived a couple days, you’ve gotten fairly used to it, however. Although it still seems like it wouldn’t make much sense to add. Cuz the beginning is hard enough already (unless RNG favors you.).

Have you tried the new butching system? slaughter house., mop NOT included. That’s an interesting concept…the dirtier you are, the less things things affect you BUT you also earn less morale from other things(like a soldier, you grow duller as your heart gets colder) and ofc the opposite. The fancier and cleaner you are the more you benefits from nice things but you will throw up if you see blood or something lol

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