Brainiac Hedonist Lunatic Build (nom nom nom)

I have been playing with a fun build lately.

20 Intelligence, 5 for strength (chain smoker +1) 4 other stats

Gourmand, Fast Reader, Stylish, allow the character to enjoy food, reading, and nice clothing, with optimist amplifying these effects. Then I add addiction resistant to enjoy worry free chain smoking and meth gobbling. Plus Robust genetics for long term fun that could potentially augment these good things.

On the negatives I have Fast Met, High Thirst, and Sleepy, which basically make the character into a ravenous blob. Sleeping for nine hours satiated and quenched and you wake up very hungry and thirsty. Given the expanded food options this is actually pretty fun, you wake up, devour pop tarts, chain smoke, drink malt liquor, snort coke and read tolstoy and you have +500 morale. Youre very weak combat stats are augmented by insanely high berserker morale boosts. Zombies are smited.

I also add forgetful, which with Intelligence linked skill rust is basically free points because your skills hardly rust at all. I also add slow learner, which I haven’t even noticed, easily getting to +12 melee and haven’t even cleared the first town. The neat thing about this build is that all its disadvantages can be eliminated with proper base building and stockpiling.

The early game is pretty hard though. I give myself chainsmoker start for +1 stats, which goes into strength to make my carry weight less terrible. I tried to do tweaker but it is impossible to survive with this build as tweaker (try it). The fact that you get flu from tweaker withdrawal means your already augmented thirst becomes a vortex that dehydrates you to death in about 36 hours, or leaves you with 25 movement to defend yourself. Defending yourself with 0-1 strength and 25 movement, while naked, doesn’t end too well. I played about 20 games before switching down to chain smoker. The best runs I had were breaking into a gas station and eating everything, but that only gave me 35 versus 25 speed (killed by coyotes) and crawling towards a river and guzzling unfiltered river water, sleeping naked in the rain while Amigara hallucinations yelled at me (killed by moose). Try to survive as a tweaker with this build (randomly finding meth on dead junkies is cheating!)

Anyway it’s a fun build, I haven’t gotten to late game yet but this character should be able to trick himself out with CBM’s and good mutations without issue, which should offset terrible stats. Thanks devs for fun game.

Are you playing with 1 extra point? I am coming out missing 1 point.

Dont think so, I think maybe I wrote the strength +1 a little vaguely. The +1 is from chain smoker. Final stats are INT 20/ STR 5/4/4 with chain smoker. Pos traits are
Stylish gourmand optimist fast reader robust genetics and addiction resistant for +12 and forgetful sleepy slow learner high thirst and fast metabolsim for -12. The chain smokers +1 goes to strength, making five. If you pick tweaker you get plus 2, which would make your strength 6 rather than 5, but you won’t last 24 hours as tweaker unless you find some meth in your starting basement.

Sounds just as fun as it does annoying XD

It is possible to survive with Tweaker if you have some unguarded supplies of water and food (to make it thru the addiction). It worked for me, but! I did not have Fast metabolism and High Thirst… and I had Addiction Resistant.

It is pure luck based start and you need a lot of luck :smiley:

I now have 1 extra point… The fuck cata?

It’s terrifying how fast you dehydrate with fast metabolism and high thirst once influenza sets in, especially moving at 25 speed from the meth comedown.

Interestingly I feel like this build as crazy as it is is perhaps a very realistic depiction of how a regular person would do after a week if cataclysm were real, even without a meth addiction. Not being able to secure potable water safely while under duress from zombies would probably kill 99%-99.99% of people within a month.