Books changed again?

Books have stopped working, they no longer improve skill of any kind in the lastest experimental. No traits that interfere and tested with no mods on.

Edit: Back to stable I go.

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This works as intended. Books no longer increase skill, but “theoretical skill knowledge”.
You need to practice the skill to learn it.

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Books only improve theoretical knowledge now, not practical knowledge, see this for more convo.

Theoretical knowledge helps train up much faster though when actually crafting.

Edit: Damn ninjas :stuck_out_tongue:

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At least I don’t cut onions! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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in case it’s the stability part you’re concerned about, most of the issues here are actually just UI and how to show you the multiple skill levels. Otherwise, the new stuff is mostly working well. Reading books lets you do all the things it used to be able to, and makes you gain regular (practical) skill faster, but doesn’t make you as good as actually doing the stuff would. Pretty much what you would expect books to do. however the system is still kinda chunky, we only added it a couple weeks back and there are some burrs to comb out.

UI should pronounce it more.

For example when gaining a level from a book the message should not only say that you gained a new theory level, but it should also mention what’s the current practical level, and so on.

In @ menu skill numerical values should be displayed as theoretical | practical. With a title header pronouncing this:
SKILLS theoretical | practical
survival 6 | 5

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