Book morale buffs


A simple solution to the book issue, is more variants of books, simply more content with flavour text, it’d be simple to add some old public domain classics like Frankenstein, and having the morale bonus being one of the longer lasting ones, much like a shaving kit, making up for the time lost reading.

Higher intelligence requirements for a book = more lingering morale bonuses.
A magazine is quick n easy, but doesn’t last long, but a more complex novel or philosophy for characters that enjoy it, longer lasting.


Novels already have something like this. You can stockpile a ton of e.g. romance novels and each one will have its charge count tracked separately.


Seems like having intelligence levels for books would be useful. When you read a book of your intelligence level you get a higher morale bonus, whereas the greater the difference, the lower the bonus.
So if you have a low Int, reading playboy would give a high bonus, likewise having a high Int, a book like say Innovations in Physics would give a higher bonus.


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