Being able to craft, and being able to craft well

basically just a statement of- If X crafting subjects meet Y requirements, then X subjects take Z less minutes to craft.

say it can be possible to create with other items say a rock or something as a hammer, but instead of said rock you use a hammer it would take less time. as well with say an item with cutting quality 1 would take more time consequently then to say 3 or higher, the If X> this sharpness level, it is enough to take less time with and higher is redundant and you really don’t need that level of sharpness.

Minor suggestion for requirement for time reduction could be flat surface in radius like any furniture/object with the [FlatSurface] tag

also with unstable crafting - if X is true, then there is 25% chance Y happens - in certain crafting recipes

say Y = Explosion, Toxic gas, or even simply cutting yourself.

and maybe even certain recipes that involve unstable components making it impossible to guarantee success safely.

Making Gunpowder + Lightning = Hilarity ensues Dem shocker opportunists…