Base building using same construction screen as vehicle builds


Just had an idea about using the vehicle building I screen to be used to create bases. This could streamline the construction menu and give the ability to place multiple gadgets on the one tile. For example, build an external wall that has a floodlight on it which can be placed in any direction. Or a internal wall with a kitchen unit on it.

The base could be powered by multiple means eg solar, petrol generator. One could easily add bits and pieces as with the vehicle construction mode.

the win is strong with this one.

A base is just an armoured truck without wheels.

True but what about being able to place spike pits or fences outside the structure to give more defense. The system I am thinking of you would be able to place structures outside the walls of the building too. All in an easy way rather than having to walk over to a spot to place it (given u have the right materials within reach of starting point).

The same as cars need power, gas, solar and water to function, you would need to manage these once the structure is built. If your generator is damaged then all the lights and turrets go out. And maybe someday down the track when hordes of zombies storm your fort you would have to repair and upgrade your base to survive :wink: or have a good escape tunnel (z-levels!).

You have the * button.

The idea has merit, but I am unclear on the details.

building a huge base would be a whole lot easier.

+1 for this, basically an extended base construction menu, probably easier in terms of implementing power also.

Keep the * button though, as you still need it to construct the chopping down of a tree or constructing planks by chopping up log tiles also clearing windows.