Atomic battery mod is quite useless

So I was exploring a lab one day and after fighting several secubots I was rewarded with a plan for the atomic battery mod! Now my flashlight and mp3-player will last forever, I thought!! So I learned to construct it, built it, installed it to the devices, and reloaded them with plutonium cells. Wow, 10000 charges, that will last a while! But whats that!?! My flashlight and mp3-player now weigh over 10kg respectively!! That makes them totally unpractical! They are almost as heavy now as if i had stacked regular batteries of the same charge together. And given the big amount of plutonium cells i had to waste for this shitty mod, they dont really last very long. 10000 charges, thats maybe 10 days or so? Very disappointing, nearly 10kg of plutonium cant run an led flashlight for more than 2 wheeks

It’s fun to say the atomic battery mod mostly used to raise capacity extremely thus you don’t have to carry tons of batteries which would take a lot of your space. Instead, you get problems with weight.
Let’s make a little analisys:
A battery
Capacity: 100 charges (1 for 1 battery)
Volume: 1 (0.01 per battery)
Weight: .1 kg (.001 per battery)

A plutonium cell (1)
Capacity: 500 charges (PER ONE CELL)
Volume: 0.2 (1 for 5)
Weight: .08 kg

No need to say:
Amount is certain thus we’ll have same charges.
500 - battery - 5 (exact) - .5 (exact)
1 - plutonium cell - 0 (0.2) - .08 (exact)

As we can see plutonium is far more powerful: (in 25x times by volume and 6.25 by weight).
Now, let’s see the difference as we load plutonium cell in an atomic UPS (Yes, atomic UPS is possible and very powerful, having 100K as capacity).

Atomic UPS (500): 1.01 kg
Atomic UPS (3000): 1.41 kg
400 gramm for every 5 plutonium cells. (Exact weigth of 5 plutonium cells)

While if we take a welder with extra battery mod and load it out then…
Welder (0): 4.2 kg
Welder (1000): 5.2 kg
1 kg for every 1000 batteries. If we compare them:
2 plutonium cells - 1000 - .4 - .16 kg
1000 batteries - 1000 - 10 - 1 kg

We can easily see there’s the same difference: 25 : 6.25

So, output: atomic mod IS NOT useless. It very powerful and plutonium cells have far more better characteristics.


Since they can easily obtain tons of batteries they should have more careful use.

since you can flash your flashlight, e.g. activate/de-activate, without spending a turn you will never exhaust its batteries in the first place. … otherwise, what he said :wink:

That’s about to be fixed, FWIW.

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Ka y u do dis

Ka y u do dis[/quote]
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