Archers rejoice!

The Compund greatbow is here! Ranger with 5 arch and 2 mark hit for max 135 and averaged in the 50s with wooden arrows. Looking forwards to modding it up with metal arrows and higher markmanship

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My god. Does it fire crankshafts?!

Somebody’s been playing DarkSouls 3 a bit, I see. :wink:

Hitting at rifle distances with more than 60 base damage, 100+ actual… seems a wee bit overpowered.

Even though I am a muscle-bound ogre mutant this is like throwing a car through a wall.

I had to use an OP starting character-the ranger- to get str to 18- and have another survivor craft the actual bow. So it is, I’m sure intended for late game. With broad head metal arrows and a raising markmanship ave dam is now over 100 with criticals still around 150

Looks like I was wrong about how great this survivor is doing. With soooo many things reducing strength and rendering your bow useless you will need 20 strength at least. That’s a lot of points needed at start up.

Well, not like I need intelligence anyways.

Ive only had two characters with 20+ strength (more that can swing it with hydraulic muscles though)

Speaking of this seems perfect for use with hydraulic muscles.