Android Trait still gives bad Bionics (.5)

The description for the Android trait states that it will give one power source and one bionic. In several attempts, I have almost never gotten this combination. I’ve gotten several malfunctioning bionics or passive bionics in place of the power supply.

I can second this bug, I recently started an Android and got Wire induced Stiffness and Head Alloy Plating.
A quick retry got me Electrical Discharge and Integrated Toolset (Which is actually not super bad, but no power source).
Second retry got me Internal Storage and Expanded Digestive System, still no power supply.
Another try actually got me 2 kinds of power source, though Heat Drain might be considered a passive offense bionic it still generates power occasionally, also Solar Panels.
Android is nowhere near worth 4 points at the moment, but I expect that it’ll be fairly easy to fix.

True story.
I opened issue #1027 on GitHub for that.

Probably shouldn’t even have this trait. Things that promote scumming (particularly on character creation) are generally Bad Design.

It needs to just be defined bionics. Like Battery System + Blood Analysis or something.

This has been fixed in the dev version for a long time now.