Age penalties / old age death?

I just picked up the #10934 experimental, mostly for the nested containers, and as I was making my character I noticed that I now had an ‘age’.

My questions are, is that number purely aesthetic? Does it increase by in-game years? And most importantly, if so, are there penalties associated with aging? Is it a guaranteed death?

Aging merely determines your metabolic rate, so aging is all upsudes, no downsides right now.

So, wait, higher age means you use less food? Or you heal faster?

…How do either of those make sense lol

This is just 1 example of any calorie calculator you can find online. note it has an “age” you can adjust.

Yes. I’ve actually made some calculations in an other topic that lead to an intersting finding (unless that has changed)…:

With “smallest possible height” I mean:

145 cm & “tiny” mutation, making you 45 cm small

Other than that I don’t know of any positive/negative associasions for age yet.

Yes, it does.

I don’t think so, no, but on the other hand… the longer you live, the closer you get to dying.

not as close as that hulk over there.

Well… depending on some things… maybe equal distance away?

Speaking of age, happy forum account birthday.

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Wait, who? What? Me? Indeed?! Oh, yeah!

Thank you very much :partying_face: ! I didn’t even notice…

Happy ACC birthday.
May you live longer than the hulk encounter and many more after.

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Thank you very much!
That’s a… uh… great wish, I guess? Although, given that neither I nor anyone of my characters ever died to a hulk, it for sure is :smiley: .

I feel like dying from old age should be the “winning” condition of the game. Same thing with real life. :wink:

Wouldn’t that condition be “reproduction”?

Not if your selfish, but other wise yeah your right.

Best win condition for most would probably be ‘reproduction followed by long life helping the future generations do well’

Well, as with most things, it depends a lot on how you say it:
“The goal of every species is to survive, usually done through reproduction.” sounds a lot nicer (and less selfish) than “My lifegoal is to get laid.”…

I’d personally add in a “quality”. Living long isn’t worth much in my opinion if there’s no quality in it.

True, but if you lived that long in cdda you probable have at least good base to live in.