Advanced Deathmobile Building


Well drat! Wont stop me from adding them when I can though. I just like the mental image it.


Always good to add an extra axle or two anyways, as blowouts do happen and this will greatly prevent becoming immobilized.


Does anyone know if the “enemies being able to see you through your security cameras” bug has been fixed?


Silent Hybrid Humvee. Lean on fuel, no problem to keep the batteries charged while driving. No solar panels installed or needed.


So most of the horse power is from the electric motor. Nice.

I can’t wait for the ability to tow vehichles mainly so I don’t have to waste either batteries or artillery on wrecks to quickly get them out of the way.


It’s been so long, I can’t even remember where to find those generators. Any tips on where?


Public utility type buildings, I think they just need a parking lot for the generator cart to spawn.

e: but you can use any electric motor as a generator!


I usually see them in garages.


No more broken mirrors. They can be placed in the doors and outer edges of the widows too.

Perpetual motion. Soon be fixed.



Also sucks that we can’t share exploits like that because they’re almost guaranteed to be fixed as soon as they’re found out about…