85888e6 - Gun recoil values inconsistent

This is likely a result from simple omissions when the changes to the aiming system where implemented. Some guns seems to not have had their recoil values updated to reflect the change to MOA. As far as I’ve been able to tell from comparing old and new files, most guns have simply had their recoil multiplied by 15, which makes sense, seeing as the change was from quarter-degrees to MOA AFAIK. There are some exceptions to this, though, but I suppose those are spur-of-the-moment rebalances or some such.

All the L-523 rifles, except the base platform, seems to have been omitted and also some shotguns. I went through ranged.json and made a list:

[ul][li]m1014 shotgun[/li]
[li]Survivor Special 700 - has 10 recoil. Description indicates this should probably be 150[/li]
[li]L523-CAR carbine[/li]
[li]L523-MBR rifle[/li]
[li]L523-DSR rifle[/li]
[li]RM451 flamethrower - Possibly? it has 4 recoil currently, which doesn’t really make sense to me[/li]
[li]Tankbot Main Gun - Has 10 recoil. Might not be an issue? I don’t know how critter weapons are handled.[/li]
[li]manual autoshotgun - I’ve never heard about or seen this, but 10 recoil seems a bit low, based on description.[/li]
[li]RM232 IDW[/li]
[li]Flintlock Carbine[/li]
[li]RM298 HMG[/li][/ul]

There are also some that seems to have had an extra 0 added, but that call is slightly harder to make:

[ul][li]L1820 Long Ranger (150) - Scratch that, just read the note on it.[/li]
[li]RM2000 submachine gun (450) - Excessive for an SMG? Could be intentional based on the calibre.)[/li]
[li]Pneumatic Bolt Driver (450) - Most likely a mistake, considering it had 3 recoil pre-change.)[/li][/ul]

I changed these (except the tankbot gun and the flamethrower) in my own jsons, but I’m unsure about how to get them on git. Any advice?

Finally, the forward grip was -2 to recoil, which I also changed (different json)

Also, related question: Are sights supposed to replace both aim speed and sight dispersion of the gun they’re attached to? I think that would make sense, but it seems they currently only replace aim dispersion.

There’s already a guide to contributing with Git on this very site. http://smf.cataclysmdda.com/index.php?topic=1063.0

Thank you. I’ll get on that.

Edit: Aaand PR’d. Feels good to actually contribute something, even if it’s small.

Very true!