(7fd4321 Curses) Leaky Gas Stations

All of the gas/diesel pumps in my game (including ones spawned in using the debug menu) are empty, with a giant puddle of fuel next to them instead of in the pump. Automated stations don’t have the puddles, but are still empty.

Probably broken by https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA/pull/10293 .

P.S. Funny thing - doesn’t happens on s_gas_north - happens on rotated terrain when placing item on terrain.
Seems after that PR “NOITEM” flag seems to do this to rotated terrain.

Missed that one. Thanks for reporting.

How do I fix this? Is my save screwed?

you can fix individual pumps or tanks by debug-spawning gas items under them matching the size of the puddle.

Okay, so changing " i_at(i, j) = itrot [i][j]; " to " spawn_items(i, j, itrot [i][j]); " broke it. (in map::rotate inside mapgen.cpp that is)
Changing it to i_at_mutable fixes this, as it doesn’t have that overflow magic that spawn_items has.

I have 0 knowledge, so I’m just wondering why function was changed to spawn_items in the first place.

I had the same problem, so I decided to upgrade to the last build (2504) and generate a new world, keeping my character.

i still find gasoline on the ground, though. Has it been solved? Or is it in a way linked to the character (which I strongly doubt)?

I have no idea how to actually put the gas onto the pump, for some reason it just spawns as liquid in my inventory. Oh well, it works but muh immersion T_T.

Okay, first i’d like to say, signing up to these forms. What the hell?! Those have to be the hardest questions ever! How am i supposed to know who made the atomic coffee maker or that the answer ‘zombie’ needed an s on the end.

Anyway, i’m also really annoyed with this bug. It makes the world look messy and it only ever happens when i manage to survive for more than 5 minutes. I have either the choice of committing suicide or continuing on being restricted to either electric cars, making an electric car or only being able to drive from one town to another and being stranded there until i find enough vehicles that have fuel i can take. This also stops me using diesel vehicles completely as I’ve never seen a single diesel car with even the tiniest little drop of diesel left for me to take. I could go back to 0.B but then where is the fun in that? I also then don’t get the vehicle additions mod and vehicles and buildings don’t have the chance to be locked! It wouldn’t bother me if i would have stayed on 0.B but now that I’ve updated i can’t ever go back! I don’t have a clue how it would be fixed except either re-writing the code for gas pumps again or making a new code that whenever the game world is first generated makes the fuel find where the pump is and moves itself that one tile so that it is (under? In? I don’t know.) I doubt the second one is gonna be a thing, but just throwing ideas out there. It sucks that other than this there isn’t a single other bug i can find. (Well it’s good i suppose that the game is 99% bug free. I just like vehicles too much for my own good.)

(Also doesn’t help that i can’t use the debug thingy whatsoever.)

We were attacked by a horde of spambots recently. Something had to be done and done fast (spamming was intensifying with time). Hence hard questions.

To use debug menu, you need to bind it in options first. Open options with ‘?’, then keybindings - ‘1’, find “Debug menu”, bind it to some key you aren’t using.
In debug menu you pick the first option (wish for an item) and find gas. Spawn 200 times less gas than you want, because wish menu spawns full stacks and gasoline spawns in stacks of 200.
Then you can use this gasoline to fill your car.

You’d have to use map editor (‘g’ in debug menu). But I don’t think it has the ability to pick the number of items, it didn’t ask me and spawned the default tiny stack.

I wrote most of those questions. Unfortunately, the atomic coffee maker hasn’t got a wiki page, so I’ll fix that shortly.

Idea is that all of 'em can be looked up, and if we force someone to actually look around the forum a bit and/or look something up on the wiki before posting, not a major loss. (I considered asking “Who codes dead people?” but didn’t think restricting an active dev from changing his personal text was a good idea.)

As for the gas issue, there are 2 PRs in the pipe to fix it. One’s ready to go now and the other is a larger overhaul, not yet ready but likely made even more complex by the quick fix. Therefore I expect the quick one to go in in about 3-4 hours or so, once the overhaul-dev gets notice and is able to take it into consideration.

So as of now the only way is to spawn in the gas and put it right into your car from your inventory, right? I’ve tried using the debug menu to put the gas under (or in) the gas pump but it just spawns it next to the pump again (making an even worse mess than there was in the first place. :confused:

Or debug mapgen to remove the pump and optionally the gas, then debug in the gas, dump it where the pump was, then mapgen a pump on top. (That is how pumps work in-game.)

Is there areas ungenerated in a new version that I could go to where the stations wouldn’t be affected? Say if I go to an area I haven’t been to yet (outside the “reality bubble”) will the buildings still generate with the gas on the outside even after I’ve updated the game version? Is there schematics for the buildings stored in the save file itself that need to be swapped or will simply using the save data with an updated build fix the problem in ungenerated terrain.

Addendum: Will reading maps that reveal the lots themselves (road map, etc) actually generate the terrain there or will the game wait until you pass in range to generate it?

Once you are running the game version with the fix, each newly generated gas station should be fixed. Map areas generate the first time you encounter the area. Revealing them through maps just marks the location as “seen” on your map without actually visiting it.

Thanks! That’s just what I wanted to hear :smiley:

Answering in the terms asked: the terrain isn’t generated until it comes within the reality bubble. If you haven’t been within 60 game tiles of the gas station, it hasn’t been generated and should be fixed.