[0.9] Mounted Fusion Gun and it's legacies

After my fusion gun fired, there were some strange legacies.
Instead of ammunition sleeves, there are some “none”-items.
And I can’t find the id for plasma-remains.
If you’ve picked up some none, it’s only possible to drop it with the advanced inventory managment.

Plasma or None?

I like how you named your car the “Hippie tank”.

And as with all mounted weapons, they try to eject casings they don’t have which results in nones.

This has been fixed in the experimental for some time now.

That’s good to know! :wink:

But I would like to know, how to get the IDs, which are hardcoded / not findable in the .json files.

Whats happening is the gun isn’t just firing plasma but is tearing apart reality itself leaving a void behind everywhere it fires

On a barely related note, I’ve noticed that you can’t shoot through vehicle tiles with guns. Seems everything’s treated as being solid even though you can see through it. Haven’t done any extensive testing so I may very well be overlooking something…