Zombie Clowns/Jugglers

I know it sounds silly at the first thought, but hear me out, because I think this would be a fun little addition.

The Zombie Clown would be a near average based strength Zombie, however it is constantly juggling various items, like throwing axes or torches.
Its arms would be very long, so it could reach two tiles for a melee attack. Ideally it would be given more than two arms, to both help juggle and melee attacks.
It would have large clown shoes that squeak whenever it walks, so it would lure the zombies towards it to gather around like a horde.
If struck, it also lets off a loud squeak/honk, much like if you punched it on its squeaky nose.
It would be a rare monster, not something you’ll see very often but on a quite rare occasion, like one per city or two kind of rare.
Periodically, if you are in range of the Clown, it will randomly throw one of the items it has at you, whether that be a throwing axe or a pebble. Maybe it throws a torch and catches the house on fire you’re hiding in.

But the best part would be, if you try throwing something at the clown and it enters the two tile radius around it, no matter what, it will always catch it and instantly throw it back. So if you tried to throw a grenade in to the horde that was lured to it by the squeaking shoes, it would throw the grenade right back at you.

I felt like the game needed a bane for throwing weapon users, much like other zombies are deterrents for other fighting styles, and this was what I came up with. I know it sounds silly, but I also think it would be a good fun addition. It could even be given evolved forms, with multiple arms and a more sinister appearance.

that sounds… kinda cool actually

A zombie with reach attacks and point defense… Yea I could get behind that.

Plus they will drop airhorns, clown attire and throwing weapons

The juggler\clown thing is a bit silly, but the idea behind it from a gameplay standpoint sounds pretty awesome.

It’s not a true zombie apocalypse if there isn’t a single evil zombie clown!

But I understand your view as to why some may find it too silly an idea for a “clown” but we’d just need to find the right term that would fit. The names I can think of are;
Zombie Clown
Zombie Juggler
Zombie Jester
Zombie Performer (Like a street performer.)
Zombie Handler (A pun on its numerous/very capable hands.)
Zombie Tosser (A double entendre, referencing its good throwing ability whilst also insulting at the same time.)
Zombie Pitcher (Not necessarily of the baseball variety.)

Thinking the same here! I actually imagine it like a hellish monster with many arms that moves its arms and juggles the items incredibly fast rather than a zombie per se.

Something like this then?:

Man, i always loved those cards’ artworks. Indeed that, yes!

Yes that is a brilliant example!
Though if we were to use that, we’d need to remove the zombie luring aspects I mentioned before, but in return make the zombie itself less rare.

Would be nice to get the opinion of someone who actually codes this stuff. Any suggestions?